What if the "Sanko Die Cast Boys" with their modern technology slipped back into the steampunk world?

The stage is an aluminum casting factory set in an industrial area in steampunk parallel world. The industrial area is comprised of an all-male society. The story begins with a woman appointed as the factory president. One product after another is manufactured in the factory while the social status of the craftsmen is decreasing in a world headed towards industrial revolution.
It is extremely difficult for Ms. Miyake, company president, to unite the morale of the craftsmen, who harbor embers of discontent. One day, while in agony, she meets two strangely dressed men who unexpectedly visit the factory. They utter something incomprehensible, as if saying "We're from a different world."
As she talks with them, she realizes that they share the same physical laws but they have superior scientific knowledge. So, she decides to employ them.
She creates the "Sanko Die Cast Boys" as a team with these two as central figures of the team. However, the pre-existing employees show strong disapproval and an emotional gap develops, growing deeper and deeper.

The aluminum casting factory is reborn by "Die Casting"
A new step in product development!

One day, the factory manager was worried about the parts mass production and asked the "Sanko Die Cast Boys" for some advice. They suggested using a "Die cast machine." With this idea, the company could successfully mass produce aluminum products of high quality at a low cost.
From this starting point, the aluminum casting factory made a new start as "Sanko Die Cast Co., Ltd." The team gradually expanded, and the craftsmen continued to be motivated by the two men's new concept. As the craftsman freely exchanged ideas, inspiration for one new product after another leaped out. By listening to the opinions of the employees and applying them to development and planning, the company environment steadily improved.
One day, Ms. Miyake received a notice granting permission for her long-time dream, a "Steampunk Exhibition," of famous champions. But what kind of exhibition would they plan? Stay tuned!